"In today’s healthcare market, it is imperative to continuously create new channels of medication access and customized adherence programs to assist physicians, nurses and their patients for seamless support and care. Our passion and commitment is to provide innovative and simple solutions for patients which facilitate access and compliance to specialty medications. With our national network of pharmacies Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy continues to be a leader in the market by providing programs that are designed and executed to meet patients’ needs through their journey leading to optimal health outcomes. Looking ahead, we are focused on continuously developing new ways to support physicians, nurses, patients and drug manufacturers by creating innovative programs and access avenues for positive change. I am excited for the future as we move forward to servicing our customers as the specialty medication market continues to evolve. Our goal is to contribute to the success of our patients and make a difference in their quality of life. You have my commitment that we will work hard for you, and the many Canadians that required the medications we provide.” Sincerely, Karen Chuk BScPhm, RPh, MBA Vice President, Specialty Pharmacy Services