About Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy!

Our History

Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy’s National Pharmacy Network fosters close working relationships for all allowing for seamless care for every patient.

Through our direct distribution model we ship products directly to physician offices and patients’ homes for easy and convenient delivery ensuring that product integrity is not compromised during transit. Our model is particularly useful for products that:

  • Are temperature sensitive
  • Require a physician’s intervention to use or administer
  • Are unavailable or difficult to obtain via retail pharmacy channels
  • Require tight inventory control
  • Require reimbursement navigation
  • Are undergoing clinical investigation
  • Require sterile specialty compounding
  • Benefit from Adherence Programs
  • Have unique reporting requirements

Our presence across Canada positions us uniquely to help our clients put their products directly into the hands of patients and physicians across the country. With our comprehensive services, we are a strategic service provider for physicians and patients nationwide.

Partnering with YOU every step of the way!

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of talented professionals are passionate in what we do. We are driven in providing the best service catered to your needs.

Kabeer Baig

Kabeer Baig RPh, MBA Vice President Specialty Prescription Services (SPS)

Everett Payne

Everett Payne National Director, Pharmacy Operations Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy Inc

Karen Chuk

Karen Chuk BScPhm, RPh, MBA Director, Pharmacy Strategy GMD PharmaSolutions    

Vivienne Smy

Vivienne Smy MScPhm, RPh Pharmacy Manager Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy

Kate Pierini

Kate Pierini BScPhm, RPh Pharmacy Manager Advanced Care Pharmacy  

Sara Berg

Sara Berg BScPhm, PharmD, RPh ACS Pharmacy Manager

Angela Hazel

Angela Hazel BScPhm, RPh ACS Pharmacy Manager

Blaise Myette

Blaise Myette BScPhm, RPh Lead, National Pharmacy Strategy - GMD PharmaSolutions

Blake E. Ziegler

Blake E. Ziegler PharmD, RPh Specialty Clinical Pharmacy Leader - GMD PharmaSolutions

Donna Zukowski

Donna Zukowski MN, BSN, RN Clinical Sales Specialist GMD PharmaSolutions

Keval Patel

Keval Patel MPhm, BSc National Supervisor, Sterile Compounding    

Sally Bibic

Sally Bibic Sales Manager, Ophthalmic Direct    

Tamer Eskandar

Tamer Eskandar BScPhm, RPh Senior Staff Pharmacist Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy Inc

Ivy Darwesh

Ivy Darwesh BSc Associate Lead and Training, Programs Operations Operations Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy Inc

Asma Nabi

Asma Nabi BSc, RPhT Manager, Pharmacy Operations Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy Inc  

Cliptom Araga

Cliptom Araga Supervisor Pharmacy Operations Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy Inc

Paul Cunanan

Paul Cunanan RPhT Manager, National Programs Operations Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy Inc

Kristin Davies

Kristin Davies BSc (Hons) Team Lead, Home Delivery Advanced Care Specialty Pharmacy Inc

Katrine Santos

Katrine Santos RPhT Team Lead Ophthalmic Direct